Posted: July 13, 2011 in Random Thoughts

…Too late. Well, sorta. Growing up f-king SUUUUCKS. Shoot! I’m not even 1/4 of the way there yet!  Sometimes I just wish I were 8 again. Those were good times, yo. Nickelodeon was da shiz-biz. Fo riz.

I remember when I wanted to drive, I remember when I wanted a job, I also remember that one awkward stage when I wanted to have a period. Oh, to be young again and stupid again! LOL. I’ve now found out the hard way…

Cars? Gas costs money. Psh! Son, they’ll see me rolling on my broke-down bmx bike as long as possible. They’ll be hatin’ cuz they’ll be tryna catch me riding dirty and all that junk. Guess what? NO WAY, JOSE! I refuse to participate in your dirty, environmentally dangerous habits. Screw you society!!!

Job? Not so bad. Money is ALWAYS – and I mean always – a good thing. That’s right. Even if it just came out of a hooker’s booty crack. It’s still good! I promise. The only bad part is that in this economy… you have to take what you get. Unless of course you find joy in being a homeless person. What was I getting at again?

Periods? LOLOLOLOL. The only thing those damned monthly visits are good for is making sure I’m not about to be Tyrone’s baby mama. Who is Tyrone, you ask? I have no idea.


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